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You don't have to be persistent in completing the plan, but you must actively turn your will into action

It doesn't matter what our past lives are to over-plan the future. Many disciples often want to know what their past life is. Some disciples also said that someone helped him to see the previous life, the previous life, and always saw the last ten, even the eighteenth. But even if I really see

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With joy, cherish everything and make good use of the present to prepare for the future

Some people believe that Buddhism is a blessing for the afterlife, regardless of life in this life, so there is a saying that "Taoism cultivates this life, Buddhism cultivates the afterlife". But this is a biased idea, caused by not really understanding the Dharma.

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Pain in reincarnation is absolute, but happiness is relatively short-lived

The second of the four laws and seals is that everything is painful.

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After completing the course of impermanence, you can face death with courage and wisdom

Life is our most cherished but also the most impermanent. Who knows when I will get sick? When will it be painful? When will it be happy? When will it die? We all don't know.

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Accept impermanence, stop complaining about change, cherish the present

Everything we are pursuing, whether it is health and longevity, prosperity, wealth, marriage, family, and interpersonal networks, how much effort must we pay to get particularly difficult? However, once impermanence comes, it disappears quickly. Everyone will encounter many dissatisfaction in life, including

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the day before
Hold the moon
Hold the moon
Hold the moon
Hold the moon
Hold the moon
Hold the moon
Hold the moon
the day after

Tulku Yanban Gama Rinpoche

Patriotic, no doubt! The peace of the country is the pure land of all beings!

Lead: China, a powerful country. She is fulfilling a great love spirit of compassion and joy! The slogan of serving the people is a kind of bodhisattva behavior that gives away others. Therefore, as citizens of China, we should be proud, we should be proud, and work together to create prosperity and stability.

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Great Perfection

Turn troubles into use

The practitioners, whether they are Theravada, Mahayana, or even Vajrayana, hope to achieve Buddhahood in the end. If you want to achieve something, you must fundamentally change your inner mentality and habits, and work hard to eliminate the obstacles of worry and knowledge. In addition to common theories, there are different perspectives and views on the actual practice.

Jiarong Seminary of Changlie Temple

History: The completion and development of Changlie Temple

1. Origin

More than 800 years ago, Hirje, one of the famous "Three Friends of Wensheng" from Gadot, returned to Jiarong and set up a humble retreat on Impro. Later, due to the increasing number of disciples, a temple was gradually built, known as the "Lama Temple," which was the earliest Changlie Temple. At that time, the ruins of many old temples can still be seen faintly near Changlie Temple.

Practice dojo

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